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Kingsway Houses, Condos, and Townhomes in East Vancouver

Kingsway houses are all along the longest road in Vancouver and crosses through both Vancouver and Burnaby.  It runs diagonally from northwest to southeast, emerging from Vancouver’s Main Street just south of East 7th Avenue and becoming 12th Street at the Burnaby-New Westminster border.

Many areas along Kingsway offer family-owned and ethnic shopping opportunities and restaurants, particularly Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Japanese, South Asian among others. There are also a number of hotels, supermarkets, and freestanding fast-food locations along other portions of its route. It is the central commercial spine that links Burnaby’s Metrotown business district and Downtown Vancouver.

Kingsway is a main public transit corridor, with numerous bus routes operating along with it.  As well as the SkyTrain tracks mostly parallel Kingsway from Victoria Drive in Vancouver to Edmonds Street in Burnaby.

Kingsway follows the Indigenous trail used by Canadian and American natives for hundreds of years.  In 1860 the wagon road was built over the trail between the historic Gastown waterfront and then BC’s capital city of New Westminster to facilitate troops movement between the two points.  In 1860 it was named The False Creek Trail and as Vancouver grew it was named Westminster Road.  It cuts diagonally following the easiest incline, peaking near Metrotown in Burnaby.    The road lies at an angle to Vancouver’s street grid, which had not been laid when it was first built.  After improvements and paving it officially reopened on September 30, 1913, as Kingsway.

During the 1930’s Depression government make-work projects made Kingsway wider so now it has six lanes along most of its length.

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Kingsway Amenities

  • The portion of Kingsway between Fraser and Knight is designated as Little Saigon. 
  • It has the best public transportation with both buses and Skytrains. 
  •  A brilliant mix of specialty shops; fabulous restaurants, pubs, and cafes.
  • More than 15 Parks and Recreation Areas.
  • World-class soccer at Swangard Stadium.
  • Home to many strip malls and major malls such as Metrotown Centre, Kingsgate Mall, Old Orchard Shopping Centre, Highgate Village Shopping Centre.
  • Metropolis is the mother of all malls and British Columbia’s biggest shopping center with almost 400 stores and services. 
  • Purdys Hand Made Chocolate Factory founded in 1907.
  • A host of authentic Restaurants from hole-in-the-wall eateries to fine dining establishments.
  • Best known for Vietnamese pho restaurants and a wide variety of pan Asian styles to choose from

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